Dress With Confidence
Love your body!

Dress with confidence, easier said than done, right? I know, we all have been there, waking up, opening the closet and staring into the abbys of self doubting questions: Will this look good on me? Am I fat in this? What will they think if i wear this? It goes on, on and on...

 To dress with confidence means to have confidence. We all have good and bad days but the bottom line is: how we feel inside will project outside. For each of us, it's a long road but there is something we can do about it and today we will share a few tips about how to use clothing to boost confidence. There is no denying the fact that what we wear makes a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves, so use fashion to build self-esteem, take time to learn what works best for your body, but most importantly learn to love your body. It can be all too easy to be critical and hateful toward your own body. You have no problem criticizing your thighs, but would you bestow the same judgment on your daughter, best friend, or mother? Probably not. Make a point to stop speaking to yourself differently than you would to those you love. 
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Instead of trying to copy celebrity outfit, or going for the trendy look, discover what you like. Find a personal style. Here are a few tips on how to dress with confidence:

1. Write a list
Start with creating a list of pieces you are not comfortable and confident with, now replace them with creations you will feel good in. Slowly draft your style and navigate towards clothes that will help you to boost confidence.

2. Clean up your closet 
Open the closet and get rid of the clothes that you bought but will never wear, because you didn´t feel good in them. (p.s. We all have those! ) Most probably you will never wear them, but they will be there as a reminder of that insecure feeling. Throw that bad energy away. 

3. Forget about size
So many of us worry about the size of our bodies but instead of size pay attention to what fits the best because one design might suit you better even if it´s not exactly your size. Your size might not be the best choice, so be open-minded.

4. Be brave
If during shopping something grabs your attention, but that inner voice whispers “it will not look good on me,” try it on. Seriously try it on, what´s the worst thing that can happen? Maybe it will look amazing, maybe not but don´t stress about putting it on.

5. Don´t focus on trends.
If you like an outfit, but it´s not “trendy” - wear it and own it. It´s your style, and in the end: dress for yourself not for the others.

6.Crush stereotypes!
Burn them to the ground. If you have a business meeting, and you are not comfortable in a skirt? Wear a suit. You have a date, and you are not feeling quite right in high heels? Don´t wear them. You are feminine in a suit, and you are sexy in flats, anyone who tells otherwise is simply wrong.  
When it comes to fashion, there are no rules. Be open and free. Use it to empower yourself and have fun.
Remember the best thing a woman can wear is: confidence.
With love,
dress with confidence



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