H 4 Her

H4her-is campaign that is launched with the aim of strengthening and supporting women in all spheres of life, and also fights against imposed standards and framework of conduct. The primary platform for campaign and spreading support to all women is instagram, and offical hashtag of the campaign is: #herlifeherchoice. Apart from raising awareness of the status of women in our society and woman’s image of herself, through campaign will be gathered funds for the Safe House ( Fondacija Lokalne Demokratije ).

The humanitarian campaign will last full two months – from  June  16th 2018 until August  15th 2018. Support campaign by donating money on this bank account :


ACCOUNT NAME:            Fondacija lokalne demokratije

ACCOUNT ADDRESS:      Bravadžiluk bb

POSTCODE AND TOWN/CITY:     71000 Sarajevo

COUNTRY:           Bosna i Hercegovina

BANK NAME:     UniCredit Bank  dd

BRANCH ADDRESS:          Kardinala Stepinca bb

POSTCODE AND TOWN/CITY:     88000 Mostar

COUNTRY:           Bosna i Hercegovina

IBAN:    BA39 3389 1048 0010 3011


ACCOUNT NUMBER:      20007251001

Currency of the account:              EUR

Every woman is encountered with various limitations in her private and business life. Society has set unrealistic standards for women and the norms of behavior that they have to follow. Through the campaign, the goal is to raise awareness against of all forms of violence and to encourage women to decide freely on their private and business life.

Every woman needs to have the power over her own body and the right to decide whether and when she wants to become a mother.

Every woman should have equal treatment during employment, the right to choose a partner and freedom to choose how to  dress.

Every women deserves complete freedom to be whatever she wants to be, without condemning and any kind of psychological and physical abuse.

Because Her life is Her choice!

I want to invite all women to send their message, their attitude, their motto and their message to all women around the world.

And I also invite all men to support this campaign with their message to women. Support your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, friends and wifes by supporting all women.

This campaign is launched by the brand H. Why H? My muse and inspiration is a strong and confident woman, a woman who can do everything. Through the campaign I want to show a much larger mission that brand has – Raise awareness of decision making and spreading a positive message.



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