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Dream come true.

Working for famous fashion brands is a dream, but owning one is dedication and sacrifice. For Hana Sirco it means both, welcome to her fashion world and enjoy your stay. 
From an early age, she demonstrated her creativity through drawings and illustrations to visualize clothes for her dolls which were mostly inspired by comic book couture. In an interview for Spy News Magazine Hana explains passion for becoming a fashion designer to The Spy News Magazine: "As a kid, I used to draw all the time, and I continue my passion for drawing up to today. I have won many awards for my paintings and won an award at eight years old as the youngest competitor in the competition." For Hana, success was never a question; it was a matter of fact. She always knew that if she tried hard and gave 110%, she would succeed. That day came in 2013. when she designed her first collection 'New me' for persons with disabilities, and since then, hard work and dedication became Hana's best friends. An indication that she was on the right track was collection "Tocco d'Oriente" back in 2017. It was her first fashion show at one of the four most significant fashion shows in the world – the Milan Fashion Week. "The presentation of the collection was great and I received much praise and many requests for cooperation. Spy News Magazine suggested that I place my collection in the showroom in Milan with the Belgian designer Dries van Noten. They also liked the famous Los Angeles stylists Derek Warburtoun, dressing celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba or Irina Shayk." - Hana recalls her Milan Fashion Show experience for Sarajevo Times Magazine.
H.Fashion Design Milano Fashion Show
  "Tocco d'Oriente" by Hana Sirćo, Milano Fashion Week 2019

Today Hana continues to inject her personality and passion into an evolving portfolio of creating beautiful designs and proving herself an excellent representative for the millennial generation in the Fashion Industry. Hana finds inspiration for her design in fearless, strong, and confident women, and they are the reflection of the female victory over stereotypes and social inequality
With time H. Fashion Design became favorite fashion brand of many women. Statement pieces, excellent quality, and handmade techniques are the brand's trademarks. Each piece is becoming alive with so much attention and love, and it all begins with Hana's ideas. For every design, we carefully handpick the exquisite fabrics. Then the magic happens. In the dressmaker's hands, with love and dedication, Hana's sketches slowly take the form. This fascinating process turns each design from H.'s collections into an art. In H. Fashion Design, we live and breathe fashion, and we are continually doing all we can to captivate women with our unique looks. Our luxury collections provide constant inspiration for those who are always on the lookout for that specific something.

We believe that "The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is CONFIDENCE."
Empowerment is all about confidence, and fashion is an amazing and incredibly powerful tool to reflect that. Discovering which style suits you is so vital when it comes to feeling confident through fashion. It's about having a highly personal aesthetic - that could be about prints, color, and proportion or having the confidence to pair unusual pieces together. We inspire women to feel confident, to achieve more, to be fearless, and to adopt an "I am the best!" mindset. Our mission is to make an impact and push women to believe in themselves. To learn to love their bodies and to take ownership of their lives. 

H4Her tshirt
Official H4Her campaign t-shirt #herlifeherchoice 

With this philosophy, it was only natural for H. Fashion Design to evolve into more than just a fashion brand. In May 14th, 2018. H4Her campaign takes its first step on a journey with a purpose to raise awareness of the status of women in society. Through the campaign, we collect funds for Safe Houses and other women-oriented charities. We decided to take a stand and use our platform to be the voice for women who don't have one. It's easy to turn your head away and live your life. Maybe the injustice won't happen to you, but it will happen to a girl at school or a woman at cleaning services. Perhaps it will happen to a young business woman who had an equally good presentation as her male colleague, but he is called excellent, and she is just ok. Just because it doesn't happen to you, it doesn't change the fact that it's happening to women all around the world every single day. H. Fashion Design team with our founder Hana Sirćo decided that we will not turn our heads and that we will use our platforms and our voices to make the change.
So this is our fashion world and we hope you will join in, we will make it worth it. It's a promise.




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