HANA SIRĆO is the Founder and Fashion Designer of H. Fashion Design. She started creating her brand in 2017 and was inspired to develop high-quality, accessible clothing. Empowering women with knowledge, advice, and confidence is her mantra. H. Fashion Design was created as all women deserve to feel great in their clothes. She strives to create an uplifting and positive experience as fashion should always be fun!

She specializes in print designs, combining fabrics, and has worked with some of the most prominent designers in the industry. Her designs are sold all over the world.

In childhood, she demonstrated creativity through drawings and illustrations to visualize clothes for her dolls, which were mostly inspired by comic book couture.

Never wanting to conform or fit into one box, when the time came to decide what to do in life, she culminated her talent and inspiration into her brand, H. Fashion Design. Since then, she continues to inject her personality and passion into an evolving portfolio of much beautiful design collection.

"One day, I may feel quiet but confidently calm. The next day I might feel feisty, so I'll reach for a beautiful shoe to make sure I'm heard when I walk. When I dress in a way that reflects my emotions, I feel in control of my day. Having that, as well as vocal expression, is what gives me my confidence."

"To me, fashion is my language, and it speaks for itself. Enabling me to talk to everyone through my clothing without uttering a single word is so powerful.

~ Hana